Charleston’s Best places for Oysters

Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most charming cities and it is on just about everyone’s radar these days. It is one our favorite places to visit, not only because it is Pauline’s hometown, but because of the incredible food scene. Charleston is known for fresh seafood and oysters (one of our obsessions) can be found at most restaurants around town. Because of our love for Charleston and the

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Pauline at Charleston Fashion Week

Pauline, our founder and Creative Director, a Charleston native, participated as a judge and feature designer at this year’s Charleston Fashion Week. Leo & Sage (our sister company) opened the week with a runway show on Tuesday night. Pauline was one of the judges for the emerging designer competition throughout the week. She also had the opportunity to individually meet with the finalists to discuss their designs and answer their questions about

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3 Must-Haves for Traveling This Fall

We always find ourselves taking short weekend trips in the Fall, mostly because after a fun summer of travel it’s hard to give up our wandering spirit. If you find your self traveling in the next few months, we recommend packing these three Fall essentials:

Mediterranean Recipe Roundup

Our owner and creative director, Pauline Nakios spent the week in Greece and in addition to views, the pictures she sent us of the food have our mouths watering. We are taking a few cues from her travels and cooking up some Mediterranean food this weekend!

Postcards from Pauline – Mediterranean Getaway

Earlier this month, Pauline and her family jetted off to Greece for a week to recharge, relax and enjoy a little together time time. In case the Mediterranean is on your list of places to head next, (how could it not be when it looks like Pauline’s Postcards!) we got Pauline’s top 5 for Greek Isles.

7 Great Places to Escape to This Summer

Science says you need a vacation…. a report by Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies says that women who rarely vacation had a significantly higher chance of developing a heart attack compared to those women who take a break at least twice a year.

Pack It Up

The holiday weekend countdown is on – and we’ve rounded up our favorite essentials for you to pack as well as a few tips for best way to throw together a weekend bag.


While temperatures have dipped, January is the perfect month to start planning a trip South.

#LillaPLocal Recap – Amanda from Fashionable Hostess

We have a serious Insta crush on Amanda Gluck from Fashionable Hostess…


With only 48 hours to spend in one city, our travel experts share their not to be missed spots for a whirlwind weekend of eating, shopping, Instagramming and even mediating.